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Total Homeowner Experience™

This is like nothing you’ve ever experienced from a remodeler before. In fact, it may be the first of its kind in the industry. Consider it our unique, client-first approach that aims to deliver you delight through each step of your remodel. Basically, to make your remodel enjoyable. And dare we say fun??

We achieve that by providing you with:

 Dedicated Client Strategist

Your Client Strategist is your advocate, concierge, project planner, and success manager all rolled up into one–kind of like your remodeling superhero. They’ll proactively keep you informed on your remodel, escalating issues if needed. And they’ll go to bat for you throughout the entire remodeling process, so you never have to deal with field operations, municipal agencies, and supply partners.

 Professional Project Management

Unlike other remodelers, project management isn’t an afterthought with us. During your project kickoff meeting, we’ll explain everything from client communications & progress invoicing, to site management & project schedules, so you know exactly what to expect throughout your remodel.

Success Roadmap

Your dedicated Client Strategist will develop your roadmap to remodeling success. You can count on your internal project advocate to plan your remodel, track its progress, and keep everything running smoothly, so you don’t have to. Because your strategist oversees your entire project, you can relax, knowing they’ve got it covered.

Concierge-Like Service

Have a request? Just ask! Rest easy throughout your remodel with a responsive Client Care team that’s happy to accommodate your requests.

“White Glove” Relocation of Belongings

Don’t go through the hassle of moving your stuff out of the house when we’re happy to do it for you! We’ll carefully move your furniture and other valuables into climate-controlled storage for the duration of your remodel … so they’re protected until we can safely return them to your home.

On-Site Kitchen, Washing & Heating Facilities

Don’t go without basic essentials during your remodel. At elevation 6225, we provide on-site kitchen, washing, and heating facilities, so you stay relaxed and comfortable during your home’s transformation.

HEPA Air Scrubbing & Dust Control

Dust and remodels go hand-in-hand. Fortunately, with our commercial-grade air scrubbing system, super-effective room barriers, and advanced finish protection for exposed fixtures and surfaces, you won’t even notice. Relax and breathe easily throughout your remodel with our state-of-the-art dust control system.

Site Management

We’ll handle everything that needs to be done to get your house renovation-ready. We’re happy to obtain all applicable permits, create a contractor parking plan, and distribute “Good Neighbor” door hangers, advising neighbors of pending construction dates and elevation 6225’s emergency contact number.

As a result, you experience a stress-free, seamless remodel…
One where you always know what’s going on, whether you’re local or hundreds of miles away.
Because at elevation 6225, we believe that’s the type of remodel you deserve.

We’ve discovered how to keep you
in the loop… 24/7/365

Portal Into Your Remodel

Stay connected to your remodeling project in real-time—from anywhere in the world.

Our #1 rated app that gives you access to project messages, budgets, finish selections, change requests, schedules, photos, and more … all in real-time so you never have to wonder what’s happening with your project.

Better Than Email

All team conversations—whether via web, mobile, email, or text — are easily accessible on one screen.

Real-Time Accounting

Budget tracking is a breeze when you always know your up-to-date spending and project costs.

Smarter Organization

Quickly access all project data, including schedules, specs, and selections … so you can make informed decisions.

One-Touch Approvals

Easily select finishes and approve In-Process Change Requests to keep your remodel moving full-steam ahead.

Share Photos & Files

Securely share progress photos with friends & family on Facebook–without even leaving the app.

3D Scanning Software

Enjoy 360-degree views of your home—even when you can’t be on site.

Our imaging software creates a 3D home scan, allowing you to see a 360-degree view of your remodel … from hundreds of miles away. With regular scans and photos taken by our team, you’ll always be able to see exactly how your project’s coming along.

3D Digital Scanning & Interior Imaging

Want to conceptualize a new design? We make it easy by scanning your existing home interior, then creating 3D models & digital floor plans to annotate & share with your designer.

Superior Documentation

When you buy an older home, you’ll often find that floor plans are missing or nonexistent. With our 3D digital scanning, we can create up-to-date floor plans so you have high-quality permanent records.

360º VR Modeling & Visualization

Can’t be there for your remodel? No worries. With our software, you can virtually tour your home in 360º VR before, during, and after construction from anywhere in the world.

Greater Accuracy

Typically, contractors have to manually gather many different measurements before beginning a renovation. Matterport quickly and accurately captures those measurements, eliminating the possibility of human error.


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