Pre-Construction Services…

Your Ticket to a Successful Remodel

Your remodel is probably one of the greatest financial expenses you’ll ever undergo.

That’s why it’s so important you establish a solid foundation.

Pre-construction services do just that. They allow us to go “deep,” getting a realistic, comprehensive understanding of everything  that’s required to complete your project on time and within budget.

As a result, you save time and money, while drastically minimizing your remodeling risks.

 Although you can remodel without pre-construction services, that means “winging it,” which creates the potential for complications, headaches, and budget overruns.

That’s why remodeling projects with pre-construction services and those without  are very different …

Kinda like the difference between a Ford Escort and a Mercedes-Benz … sure, they’ll both get you where you want to go, but one’s gonna give you a much smoother ride 🙂

Learn How Pre-Construction Services Can Help You


Pre-construction services rock!

- Sven & Cheryl P.

We saved tons of money!

- Kirk & Diane H.

Best decision we ever made!

- Ray & Sandy D.

What are pre-construction services?

Pre-construction services occur before your remodel even starts. During pre-construction services, we’ll evaluate the feasibility of your project, create a realistic timeline, and identify ways for you to save money, using value engineering.

As a result, your project is primed for success, so it can be completed on time and within budget, minus the typical remodeling headaches.

Do all contractors offer pre-construction services?

No. In fact, most Tahoe-area contractors don’t offer pre-construction services. We offer pre-construction services, because we believe they’re critical to the success of your project.

What happens when homeowners DON’T use pre-construction services?

With complex remodels requiring structural changes, homeowners will typically have an architect draw up plans and then, they’ll get a few different contractors to bid on the remodeling work.

Once construction starts, the details of the project are hammered out while the work is ongoing.  Although this approach can work for small projects, it’s a recipe for disaster with larger ones.

With pre-construction services, homeowners get a wealth of critical information about the feasibility of their project, its estimated cost, and a realistic timeline for completion. All of this work occurs before they even hire a contractor to begin remodeling their home.

Because there’s a detailed plan in place, once the remodel gets underway, unexpected problems are rare. Not only does this mean less headaches for homeowners, but pre-construction services also save them time and money.

What can I expect from pre-construction services?

When we perform pre-construction services for you, you’ll receive the following:

  • Overall Project Evaluation – You’ll get a big picture overview of your remodel, so your project begins with a solid foundation.

  • Cost Control – We’ll save you money by identifying potential problems early on, preventing the likelihood of unexpected expenses. We’ll also identify cost-saving alternatives that’ll help you still enjoy your dream home, while saving you money in the process.
  • Site Analysis – We’ll examine the structural components of your home to make sure your remodel’s feasible before work gets underway.
  • Agency Approvals – Permits and approvals are a hassle. We’ll handle these aspects of your project for you, saving you time and frustration.

  • Value Engineering – Materials and finishes make up 50% or more of your remodeling budget. We’ll uncover alternatives that’ll shave thousands of dollars off your project’s cost—while still meeting your functional/design goals.
  • Constructability Review – We’ll review your design plans for accuracy, clarify details, and suggest cost-saving alternatives. 
  • Risk Management – We’ll uncover complex issues and potential problems before your project gets started, minimizing your financial risk.
  • Scheduling – Want to know how long your project will take? We’ll identify key milestones and create a project schedule to ensure that once construction begins, your remodel unfolds smoothly.
  • Budgeting – Because we’ll review every element of your project down to even the smallest of details, we’ll provide you with a very realistic picture of the entire cost of your project–before construction begins.
  • Momentum – All things being equal, you always want the person with experience over the new guy. If we perform pre-construction services for you and then you hire us to also remodel your property, we’ll already understand the nuances and complexities of your project.

We won’t be walking on to the job site trying to figure all of these details out on the fly, like other contractors would. That’s why we’ll be in the best position to make your remodel a successful one.

How does pre-construction services pay for itself?

The majority of fees accrued during pre-construction are actually credited toward the cost of construction–which is just one reason pre-construction services pay for itself.

Also, because pre-construction services identify potential problems before remodeling begins, you’re less likely to experience project headaches—ultimately saving you time and money.

Value engineering is another way pre-construction services offer a good return on investment. With value engineering, we find ways to fulfill your project goals at the absolute best price.

For instance, let’s say you love the look of marble tile and want to use it for your kitchen remodel. During value engineering, we’d identify money-saving alternatives—like quartzite tile resembling marble.   

Naturally, you’d be free to decide whether you wanted to use these alternatives or not. However, most people discover that in the course of a remodel, there are a number of small changes they can make that result in big savings.

Learn How Pre-Construction Services Can Help You

We’d love to meet with you in-person to explain how pre-construction services can help your upcoming remodeling project. Simply fill out the form and we’ll contact you within 2 business days to set up an in-home visit, so we can learn more about your remodeling plans.

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